MASHICO(マシコ)は、栃木県芳賀郡益子町周辺を産地とする伝統的工芸品 益子焼(ましこやき)の陶器ブランドです。

江戸時代末期1853年に大塚啓三郎により始まる益子焼は、1924年に近現代の日本を代表する陶芸家 濱田庄司の作陶により民芸品として発展を遂げ、今日に至ります。


益子の職人に受け継がれる伝統と技術を大切に、暮らしの中で使われることによって輝く、ふだん使いの器 益子焼の魅力を MASHICO に込めて発信して参ります。

MASHICO is a pottery brand from Mashiko, Tochigi, a famous area for the origin of traditional craft product, Mashiko-Yaki (pottery).

In the end of Edo Era (1853), Mashiko pottery was founded by Keisaburo Otsuka. It has now become a renowned pottery in Japan, after the works of a leading modern potter Shoji Hamada, who has developed Mashiko pottery into a folk handcraft.

Mashiko pottery is characterized by its dignified and calm glaze, rough but simple texture, and warm appearance. In order to bring out the best of Mashiko clay, each product is handcrafted by using the traditional techniques and glaze.

Mashiko pottery used in the modern daily life. This is our wish, that MASHICO will brighten the everyday life as a casual potter ware, with the treasure of the traditions and techniques of the Mashiko craftsmen.